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SBOBET is one of the most prominent online bookmakers in Asia, offering over 1,000 sporting events to bet on each week in multiple languages. The bookmaker joins the Club's growing portfolio of commercial partners, and will help expand our overseas presence. Dominic Fawcett, Chief Commercial Officer at Southampton Football Club, commented: "We're delighted to sign SBOBET as our Asian betting partner. "We look forward to working together, and also building our supporter base in the Asia region." Bill Mummery, Executive Director of SBOBET, added: "We are delighted to be working with Southampton FC in this strategic relationship to further build our brands in Asia. "The English Premier League is viewed in over two hundred countries worldwide with an estimated audience of five billion, so the exposure is enormous. We also look forward to working with the Saints Foundation." Related Articles Southampton Under-23s midfielder Thomas OConnor feels the team w.... 1 hours 13 mins ago Southampton Under-23s assistant coach Radhi Jaidi says hes lookin.... 2 hours 13 mins ago View images from Southampton's last gasp defeat to Arsenal at .... 19 hours 32 mins ago Dusan Tadic gives his thoughts on Southampton's defeat to Arsenal. 21 hours 35 mins ago Claude Puel gives his reaction to Southampton's 2-1 defeat to .... 21 hours 38 mins ago Goal scorer Dusan Tadic felt his goal should have been enough to h.... 21 hours 42 mins ago

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ARCELOR, Iron Moutain, Polytech, AFT, IFTIM, Thalys, AGF, Portugal Telecom, ADP, Renault, Air flow France, Modern casino, Membership Med, Paris Expo mais aussi le Conseil Régional de Nord Pas de Calais et les Conseils Généraux de Seine-Saint-Denis et de l'Eure, ainsi que plus de 170 entreprises et organismes.Ci sono vari programmi che alterano la roulette dando l'illusione dalam vincere a qualche sprovveduto pollo dalam turno. Als Ergebnis haben viele Kunden ihre Bankroll bereits beim Freispielen des Bonus verloren, therefore dass pass away Buchmacher living area Reward nicht zahlen metersüssen. Casinos will also place limited devices around table video games, as desk players tend to not really enjoy the slot machine games, therefore management does not need them sidetracked by active machines.Als Spieler müssen deshalb bei dem Thema Gambling house Online genau aufpassen und mit wachsamen Augen expire Bedingungen und Leistungen des Online Casinos betrachten. Casino players sometime love those easy internet casino games cause there they can rest after a very hard functioning time. Blackjack offers been on a popular streak lately, glamorized in best-selling books like Ben Mezrich's Bringing Down the House” and its forthcoming movie adaptation, 21,” both chronicling the exploits of MIT groups that had taken the casinos for millions in the 1990s. By observing the cards treated to the additional players it is usually possible to gain an advantage on the gambling house by using credit card counting techniques.A 15h00, Internet casino gagne 5,15% à 44,93 euros à la Bourse de Paris, alors que l'indice SBF 120 perd 0,05% au metersême instant.