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removed from the game. b) A 1st card is dealt to the player face up c) A first card is dealt to the dealer face up d) A 2nd card is dealt to the player face up e) A 2nd card is dealt to the dealer face down. Splitting Pairs a) Any two cards of identical value are treated as a pair b) 10, Jack, Queen & King are all equivalent c) A player who receives two cards forming a pair on the initial round may elect to "Split" d) The player "Split's" by separating both cards and treating them each card as the first card dealt in two separate hands. e) The initial bet is placed on top of one of the cards. f) An equal amount equivalent to the initial bet must be placed on top of the second card. g) The player is dealt one face up card to the card on his right, and he must play this to conclusion. h) The player is then dealt one face up card to the card on his left, and he must play this hand to conclusion. i) If the player is dealt a two card hand of 21 (10 or Jack or Queen or King & an Ace) when splitting, it is not considered a natural 21 "Black Jack" and the player is paid off at 2 to 1 ($2 bet gives $4 payoff) Insurance a) If the dealer's face up card is an ace, the player may make an insurance bet against a natural 21 "Black Jack" b) The insurance bet is the equivalent amount to their initial bet. c) Once insurance has been paid, the dealer looks at his face down card, if it's a 10, it's a natural 21 "Black Jack" and the insurance is paid off at the rate of 2 to 1 ($2 bet gives $4 payoff). If the face down card was not a 10 then the player loses their insurance bet. Double Down a) After a player is dealt his first two cards he may elect to "Double Down" if his two cards total a count of 9, 10, or 11.

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