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Could smokers help solve another Pa. budget? Not in the way that you think

Tom Wolf and legislative leaders dig in for the legislative equivalent of a cram session to finalize and balance a new budget for 2017-18.  The new fiscal year starts July 1. Supporters believe it could be possible to take a bond issue to raise the cash needed to close most of a nearly $2 billion deficit arising from sluggish tax collections this year, and then allocate a portion - it's not clear how much - of the future tobacco settlement payments to pay the debt service. That would set off a fresh survival-of-the-fittest battle among the six programs that receive tobacco funding now. (In the current fiscal year, tobacco funding was earmarked for: subsidizing nursing home care for low-income elderly and disabled; health care for workers with disabilities; state-funded health research; pro bono care at hospitals; services that help seniors stay in their homes; and smoking prevention and cessation programs.) One essential question is, would that limited reallocation battle be easier for Wolf and lawmakers than approving a large expansion of legalized gambling or battling over the merits of a new tax on Marcellus Shale gas production?  A spokeswoman for the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania had little to say about the emerging proposal Friday, noting only that "we are in discussions with the legislature on this matter." In fact, to date 19 states have "securitized" their tobacco payments since 1999, raising a total of $64 billion. Some states used the money to fill budget holes. Others used it for capital programs, like school construction. Many fiscal conservatives at and around the Pennsylvania Capitol hate the idea of taking out a long-term obligation - i.e. a bond issue - to help pay for operating costs. To them, it's akin to using your credit card to pay the monthly cable bill. And the bond's proceeds would represent another one-time revenue source thrown against what has been a stubborn recurring deficit.

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